Friday, April 23, 2010

Blue Cover Special with Heidi R. Kling and Angie Frazier

Angie Frazier, the author of the upcoming novel Everlasting, is hosting a blue cover special featuring upcoming releases with blue covers! Blue is the new black. Here's what is up for grabs:
Four people will win one of the following:

EVERLASTING, by moi, Angie Frazier (signed ARC)
SEA, by Heidi Kling (ARC)
REVEALERS, by Amanda Marrone (signed finished copy)
ICE, by Sarah Beth Durst (signed finished copy)

Two more people will win an ICE bookmark

Five more people will win an EVERLASTING Swag Pack (bookmarks & buttons--the round one says "Secrets, Sailors, and Scoundrels. Oh My.")

One more person will win the SEA "Creamsicle Haze" swag pack compliments of the ever awesome Heidi R. Kling!! Signed mini Converse shoe and creamsicle stickers (once you've read SEA, you'll understand the creamsicle & Converse love).

Five more people will receive a SEA Swag Pack (bookmarks & postcards)

Enter over at her livejournal account here. Ends TONIGHT!

Now, her fellow tenner with another blue cover, Heidi R. Kling, author of Sea, is hosting a contest for Everlasting as well. Check out the details on her livejournal here. Ends TONIGHT!

Hurry, hurry! Go enter! As always, good luck!

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