Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Mega Contest Post (4)

1. Win a copy of Anxious Hearts by Tucker Shaw at The Hiding Spot. Check out her interview with Tucker! Ends 4/25/10.

2. Win your choice from YA or Chick Lit. pile at Rhiana Reads. It's her 150 Followers giveaway! Congrats Rhiana! Ends 4/30/10.
3. Win some recent YA releases at Writer Musings. It's her April Book Giveaway! Ends 4/24/10.
4. Win a random box of books at Juiciliciousss Reviews. She will stuff 9 books in a box to send to you! Ends 4/21/10.
5. 500 Follower giveaway at Juiciliciousss Reviews. Congrats Stephanie! Ends 4/19/10. Tell her Kelly H. sent you! I get referral points!
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6. Win some awesome YA books at Wicked Walker. It's her 100 Followers contest! Congrats Stacy! Tell her Kelly H. sent you. I get referral points! Ends 4/16/10 (TONIGHT!)

7. Win awesome YA books (most are ARCs) at The Bookologist. It's so awesome I can't even describe it. Ends 4/26/10.

8. Win a YA new release plus swag at Turning Into YA Books. Love the choices she made! Ends 4/30/10.

9. Can I Be Your Book Fairy Contest? at Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm. O...M...G! Ends 4/25/10.

10. Win a copy of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick at 21 Pages. Ends 4/25/10.
11. 30+ YA book giveaway at 21 pages. Ends 5/3/10.
12. Mega 300 Follower giveaway at Book Blab. Congrats Lisa! Ends 5/4/10.
13. Win awesome prize packs at Today's Adventure. Ends 4/30/10.
14. Win The Owl Keeper plus swag at ChicaReader. Ends 4/20/10. Ended Early
15. Win The Iron King plus swag at ChicaReader. Ends 4/18/10. Ended Early
16. Win The Owl Keeper plus swag at *Headdesk*. Ends 4/20/10.
17. Just steal my books (4 ARCs) already! at Princess Bookie. Ends 5/1/10.

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  1. Great list of Contests.

    This one is mine cover has a little to do with the book. It makes sense once you read it.